Promotional Products & Apparel

JR Landry recognizes the subtle yet powerful impact that promotions and gifts can have on the growth of any company.

That’s because the only thing more important than generating new business is keeping the base of business that you already have.  By choosing to invest in this area of marketing strategy, you’re both positioning yourself correctly within the marketplace and also building and cultivating loyalty with your current customers.

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At JR Landry, we offer a full range of promotional products and gift ideas, and we can suggest the correct approach to utilizing these tools for the development of your business.  By supplementing your current efforts with these often overlooked tools, you can magnify the impact of those efforts and also accelerate the results that you receive.

The most common uses for promotional products include the following:

  • Promoting your company, logo, and/or image
  • Building name recognition
  • New product launch
  • Customer appreciation
  • Thank-you gifts
  • Company picnics
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Trade show give-away
  • Holiday gifts
  • Grand openings/new locations